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The first time you go to the Wiggio site, after receiving an invitation to join a group, it will ask you for a password, your zip code and your year of birth. After that, whenever you want to sign in to the site, you use that email and password. There is also an option to sign in via Facebook, Google or Twitter. You can use the same account for multiple groups (no limit we know of), and you can quickly and easily create new groups that include both people already using Wiggio, and people who are not (for whom you have an email address).

If you send an email to the main address of the group (e.g., it goes to everyone in the group. If you reply to an email, it will go to the whole group. There is a link at the very bottom of messages “REPLY to only the sender” if you only want to reply to the person who sent the message.

When you sign into Wiggio, you see a list of your groups on the left. You can choose to see messages from all your groups, or select a single group. You will be able to see copies of emails (organized by conversation), and also be able to collaborate with other group members using phone conferencing, online meetings with group chat, whiteboarding, video, shared documents, etc.

When you send a message to the main address of the group (e.g., it starts a new topic or “conversation”, which you can see in forum-style on the Wiggio site. Each “conversation” is assigned an identifier (e.g., so if you reply to a message, it shows up in that “conversation” on the Wiggio site. Therefore, if you want to keep the forum view on Wiggio usefully organized, make sure to use the main address of the group whenever you want to start a new topic.

You can adjust your settings to receive emails as they are sent, a daily digest, or to get no regular posts, but be able to see the conversations and otherwise participate online. Even if you choose not to receive the regular group posts or daily summary, there is an option in Wiggio (on the web) to override these settings for messages targeted to certain individuals in the group, or notifications that it is important that everyone get, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by emails, you can choose the daily summary or no emails (no regular posts).