Durham Food Resources/Recursos alimentarios de Durham

Directory of Food Pantries/ Directorio de despensas de alimentos

The Searchable List of Durham Food Pantries open to the public has the names, address, times of service and more.  Search by zip code, name of pantry, day of week (abbreviation), street name, or any other piece of data.

For printable copies of the Food Pantry Directories in English and Spanish, click on the links below:

Durham Pantry List June_2022

lista de despensas de alimentos_junio_ 2022

Durham Pantry Calendar_June_2_2022

Calendario de despensas de alimentos_junio_2022

 You can find food pantries, Durham Public Schools free meals for kids and other free kid’s meals sites, Farmers’ Markets and grocery stores that take SNAP/WIC, that are closest to you.  In addition to the map, look for the listings for each category.  Thanks to Durham County/City GIS Services and the Durham County Public Health DINE Program for this service.

Durham Food Resources Phone App

The free Durham Food Resources app makes it easy to locate FOOD PANTRIES in Durham, NC and get their address, days/hours of operation and eligibility guidelines. You can search by name, address or zip code, and get directions on a mobile map. Thanks to volunteers with Code for Durham for making this possible.