Vision: End Hunger Durham envisions a unified and just food system where healthy food is available to everyone.

Mission: We support food relief agencies, and those in need of food, with reliable information, networked collaborations, and advocacy for policies and initiatives aimed at ending poverty and hunger. We believe that everyone should have access to adequate amounts of nutritious food and be equipped with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy life. We assert that in a society of abundance, access to healthy food is a human right.


In the summer of 2015, various hunger fighting organizations, led by Transition Durham, teamed up to present four End Hunger Action Forums attended by food activists, advocates, program participants, and concerned citizens. We continued to develop programs under the name End Hunger Durham.


We meet at 721 Foster St. (Ag / Co-op Extension Bldg.) or during COVID, on zoom.

Contact info(at), for more information.  See the Background tab for more information.