VOLUNTEER With End Hunger Durham

End Hunger Durham is an education and advocacy organization grounded in alliances with front-line workers and those affected by hunger.


Healthy Seniors Project

Hunger among older adults is often invisible. There are over 12,000 low-income seniors in Durham living with food insecurity and the threat of hunger.

You can help.

  1. Join the Committee on Senior Food and Hunger, of the Partnership for Seniors, to:
    • Research the food and nutrition issues for seniors in Durham
    • Engage in policy advocacy at all levels
    • Help raise awareness of the problem.

Meets the second Wednesday every 2nd month,11:00-12:30, at 721 Foster St.


  1. Join theGolden Life Partnership, to engage directly with older adults living in low-income housing complexes to find solutions to food insecurity and other problems related to poverty.

Meets the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am in different senior complexes.

Information and Referral

Most people experiencing hunger require help on many fronts before they can stabilize their lives. 17% of Durham’s population lives with food insecurity.

End Hunger Durham provides connections to navigators and assistance for enrollment in programs that can assist them with financial emergencies, housing, healthcare, food, and employment, and more.

We invite you to become a “community resource worker” who learns the array of resources available and how to help people take the next step in their journey to freedom from hunger. We have periodic trainings and engagements.


Among the food insecure population:


EHD and Meals on Wheels have designated Sept. 22-28 Senior Hunger Awareness Week. See our fact sheet on hunger among older adults.

EHD also supports the summer meals program of the Durham Public Schools.

For further details call Betsy Crites at

(919) 381-5969 or email info@endhungerdurham.org


End Hunger Durham is also looking for volunteers…

with IT skills

who can:

  • edit our WordPress website
  • post newsletters on a Mail Chimp platform
  • manage occasional IT tasks such as Survey Monkey, Evite, etc.
  • advise on Excel and Power Point

with social media experience

who can

  • Post on our Facebook page and help build a presence (Will also need to be active with the work.)
  • Develop a Twitter presence for EHD, especially around policy.

with experience in event planning

who can

  • help plan and set up forums, dinners and special occasions.

with computer design skills

who can

  • create attractive and colorful flyers, brochures, and more

and/or with fundraising experience.

We are accomplishing a great deal with a small paid staff and volunteer force, but like every enterprise, there are expenses.

  • Help write grants, organize fundraisers, and engage donors.

Join our Steering Committee

If you are passionate about food as a human right and like the idea of a community-based organization, which works with both those living the experience of hunger and those who make decisions affecting their lives, you may thrive on the End Hunger Durham Steering Committee. The SC guides priorities, plans events, helps fundraise, and does much of the program work. Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at 721 Foster St.


Please contact Betsy Crites at (919) 381-5969 if you can help with any of these areas.