Match the Mayor Senior Funding Campaign

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, End Hunger Durham has teamed up with  local caterers to deliver meals to 900 low-income seniors in Durham.  We need your help now to reach all the seniors in need.

Thanks to a generous matching grant from Mayor Steve Schewel, your donation before July 18th will be matched up to $10,000.

Help us Match the Mayor!

With the increased risk of exposure to the coronavirus, the meals delivery program helps seniors stay at home and stay healthy. Please join me in supporting this important effort.” – Mayor Steve Schewel 

We have frequently been reminded that “COVID-19 is not going away soon.”  End Hunger Durham plans to extend the meal delivery to low-income seniors as long as possible.  We are also planning for sustainable ways to solve their food insecurity.

Visit our COVID page to see our Sustainable Food Access Plan for Seniors.

On our Food Resources page you will find the Durham Food Pantry Directory and Calendar, an interactive map of food resources around the county, downloadable listings, and more.

At the heart of our policy work is the understanding that food is a human right. However, it is also a commodity sold for profit, often putting healthy food out of reach for millions of low-income Americans. Visit our Food Policy page to learn how EHD works to reconcile these realities.