End Hunger Durham works to reduce hunger in Durham by supporting food relief agencies and those in need of food with reliable information, collaborative programs, and advocacy aimed at ending hunger and malnutrition.

End Hunger Durham uses donations to deliver programming and achieve its mission. Please donate to support our work by clicking on the button below. End Hunger Durham is a sponsored program of Durham Congregations in Action (DCIA), and all donations are processed through DCIA.

Our COVID-19 Response:  With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added services that directly bring food and critical health information to our city’s vulnerable older adults. These efforts include our COVID Response Senior Meals Delivery, which brings three prepared meals and printed information about COVID-19 weekly to nearly 900 low-income seniors at 15 housing sites. We are grateful to the many donors who have made this program possible. Click HERE for the latest update. 

The meals delivery program will close in late September, but efforts to assure food security for low income seniors will continue.  See our COVID Response page for details.

Visit our COVID page to see our Sustainable Food Access Plan for Seniors.

On our Food Resources page you will find the Durham Food Pantry Directory and Calendar, an interactive map of food resources around the county, downloadable listings, and more.

At the heart of our policy work is the understanding that food is a human right. However, it is also a commodity sold for profit, often putting healthy food out of reach for millions of low-income Americans. Visit our Food Policy page to learn how EHD works to reconcile these realities.