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New Phone App helps you find Durham Food Resources

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Durham Food Pantry Directory

March 2020 Food Pantry Calendar 

March 2020 Food Pantry Directory

During the coronavirus emergency we will be updating the information in the Durham Food Pantry Directory as the information comes in.  To go immediately to our interactive list under Food Resources click HERE.

Both the interactive list and the phone app (Durham Food Resources) are updated almost daily.  The pdf downloadable versions are not.


Please send any updates you know of to endhungerd@gmail.com.  Thank you.




Information is Power

Food insecure families often have to make painful choices among competing necessities. 

End Hunger Durham connects food insecure families to the support systems that can help alleviate such painful choices. 

Learn and share information about community resources and benefits navigators. Your clients and pantry visitors will thank you, and you’ll be contributing to an end to hunger.


Healthy Seniors Program

Committee on Senior Food and Nutrition

As part of the Durham Partnership for Seniors, EHD establish the committee to increase collaboration among organizations working in the field and promote greater public awareness about the problem of hunger among low income seniors.  See the Healthy Seniors tab under Priority Programs for more information.

Click here for a resource list for older adults in Durham!


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