This page is a work in progress, and is not yet comprehensive. If you know of a resource that we have not yet listed here then please get in contact with us via the contact page!

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Antioch Baptist Church1415 Hollway St.Durham, NC, 27703Tues. & Thurs.9:00am-12:00pm919-688-8893Call for appt.1x per 3 months
Ark of Safety Outreach Ministry612 Gary St.Durham, NC, 277032nd & 4th Wed6:30-7:00 pm919-697-3848Call for appt.All
CAARE214 Broadway St.Durham, NC, 27701Wed. 1:00 PM919-683-5300must attend classDiabetics-attend class
CAARE215 Broadway St.Durham, NC, 27702Thurs.10:30919-683-5300attend classSeniors- attend class
CAARE214 Broadway St.Durham, NC, 27701Mon. & Fri.2:00-3:00pm919-683-5300Photo ID, limit 1x per year , call for appt.All
Calvary Baptist Church1204 Lynn Rd.Durham, NC, 277031st & 3rd Thurs.6:00-7:00pm919-596-2592call 1st & 3rd Thurs by 9:00am; 1x per monthDurham residents only
Calvary UMC/ Cristo Vive304 E. Trinity Ave.Durham, NC, 277011st Tues.3:00-4:00pm919-537-2803/688-7138Call last week of month for appt.All; Habla Español
Catholic Charities3711 University Dr., Suite BDurham, NC, 27707Wed.9:00am-1:00pm919-286-1964Call for appt., limit 1x per monthAll; Habla Español
Christian Assembly5516 N. RoxboroDurham, NC, 277122nd & 4th Thurs.4:00-6:00pm919-471-0220limit: 1x per 3 monthsAll
Church at the Park2228 Page Rd. Suite 108Durham, NC, 277031st Sat.8:00am-12:00pm919-539-8492Call for appt. All
Church of Philadelphia1309 Jackson StreetDurham, NC, 277013rd. Wed5:30 - 6:30pm919-286-0547Call first to confirm
Divine Worship Christian Center2910 E. Geer St.Durham, NC, 27704Wed. 6:00-7:00pm919-638-7337Call first to confirmAll
Divine Grace Fellowship and Outreach Ministry1500 E Club Blvd, Bldg 100Durham, NC, 277042nd Wed..6:00-6:30pm919-638-2227Call first to confirmAll
DSS (Durham County Social Services: Adult Services (without children)414 E. Main St.Durham, NC Mon.-Fri.7:30am-5:30pm919-560-8601 919-560-8602Call for appt.disabled & elderly not recieving food stamps
DSS Family Crisis (with children)414 E. Main St.Durham, NC Mon.-Fri.7:30am-5:30pm919-560-8301Call for appt.Persons with children not receiving Food and Nutrition assistance (SNAP)
DSS Food Stamps414 E. Main St.Durham, NC, 27701Mon.-Fri.7:00am-5:00pm919-560-8761Call first to confirmMust complete and have approved application (takes a few days to process); Call for more information
Durham First Assembly of God1034 Hamlin Rd.Durham, NC, 27704Sun.12:30-1:30919-471-4728Call, fill out brief applicationAll
Durham Spanish SDA Church1606 Liberty St.Durham, NC, 277032nd Tues.2:00 PM919-265-7948Call first to confirmHabla Español
Duke Mem Methodist, Collaborative Community Pantry (IFFS)503 W. Chapel Hill St.Durham, NC, 277013rd Sat.10:30am-12:30pm919-536 4201Call to confirmAll
Emmanuel Tabernacle Holiness2525 Atlantic St.Durham, NC, 277071st & 3rd Thurs.10:30am-12:00pm919-641-1646Call to confirmPhoto ID
Father Son Holiness Church103 Atlantic St.Durham, NC, 277071st Wed.10:00am-1:00pm919-801-1293Call first to confirmAll
Feed My Sheep107 N. Driver St.Durham, NC, 277032nd &4th Sat.8:30-10:00am919-399-5159Call first to confirmAll
First Calvary Baptist Church1311 Morehead Ave.Durham, NC, 27707Tues. & Thurs.10:00am-12:00pm919-489-4184photo ID, limit: 1x per year Durham residents only
First Pentecostal Church Durham2008 West Carver St.Durham, NC, 27705by appt.N/A919-477-6555, ext. 110call for appt.All
Fisher Memorial United Holy Church420 E. PiedmontDurham, NC, 27707Wed.12:00-1:00pm919-682-4115Call to confirm, limit-2x per monthAll
Greater Refuge Temple1438 Maplewood Dr.Durham, NC, 277043rd Wed.10::00am-12:00pm919-608-7525Call for intake processAll
Greystone Baptist (Second Mile Ministries)2601 HillsboroughDurham, NC, 27705Wed.7:30 AM919-286-3596Photo Id, imit-1x per 3 mos.first 35 persons served
Iglesia Buen Pastor (IFFS)1852 Liberty St.Durham, NC, 27703 Sat. ticket -7am, pantry- 9am919 451 9394Must arrive by 7am for ticketHabla Espanol
Iglesia Presbitariana Emanuel2504 N. Roxboro St.Durham, NC, 27704Wed.ticket 4:30, pantry-5:30-6:00pm919-526-3386must arrive 4:30 for ticket & attend mealHabla Español
Immanuel Temple Seventh Day Adventist2102 S. Alston Ave.Durham, NC, 27707Sunday1-3p919-957-0032limit 1x per monthAll
Immanuel Temple Seventh Day Adventist Church2104 S. Alston Ave.Durham, NC, 277071st &3rd Wed.(Oct-Nov: 2nd & 4th)10:00am-1:00pm919-957-0032limit 1x per monthAll
Jesus Word Church - City of Jesus1321 Humphrey St.Durham, NC, 277011st & 3rd Tues.2:00 PM919-687-6997Call first to confirmAll
Jewish Family Services1937 Cornwallis Rd.Durham, NC, 27705Call for TimesBy appt. 919-354-49222x per month, Photo IDAll
Jonathan's Outreach Network302 S. Driver St.Durham, NC, 27703Sun. & Tues.10-10:30/ 7-7:30pm919-491-3661Call first to confirm
Kings Park International Church1305 Odyssey Dr.Durham, NC, 27713Wed. 6:00 PM919-685-2800Call first to confirmAll
Kyles Temple AME Zion Church409 Dunstan Ave.Durham, NC, 277073rd Sat.11:30am-2:00pm919-682-4318Call first to confirmAll
Life International Church & Durham Parks and RecHolton Career & Resource Ctr. 401 N. Driver St.Durham, NC, 277031st & 3rd Friday10:00am-12:00pm919-382-1944Call first to confirmAll
Living Waters Christian1104 Lynn Rd.Durham, NC, 27703Wed6:00-7:00pm919-596-6909Call first to confirmAll
Love Divine Ministry Inc.318 S. Driver St.Durham, NC, 277034th Sunday2:30-4:00pm919-220-3203Call first to confirmAll
Ministerios Guerreros de Jesus Cristo International1800 N. Roxboro St.Durham, NC, 27701Wed.10:30am-12:30pm/4:00-6:00pm919-395-7539Call first to confirmAll
Monument of Faith Church900 Simmons St.Durham, NC 277023rd Sat./1st Wed.7:-9:00am/9-10:00am919-688-7838Photo IDAll
Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church1605 Bahama Rd.Durham, NC, 275032nd & 4th Wed.5:30-7:00pm919-477-4296/414-5407photo ID; Call to confirmAll
Mt. Calvary United Church of Christ1715 Athens St. Durham,NC, 27707919 688-5066Call for Appt.
Mt. Zion Christian Church3519 Fayetteville Rd.Durham, NC, 27707Mon to Friday.12:30-2:30919-688-4245photo ID, limit-1x per monthAll (with appt.)
New Opportunities Second Chance1005 Broad St.Durham, NC, 27702Every Other for times919- 682-4771Call first to confirmAll
Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church1008A Simmons St.Durham, NC, 27701Mon & Tues /Thurs. 9-12:00/9:30-12:00919-680-2927ID, 1x per 2 months, call for appt.All
Parkwood Elementary Food Pantry5207 Revere Rd.Durham, NC, 27713Tues. & Thurs/3rd Sat.2:45 - 4:30/3rd Sat- 12-2p301-821-70301x per monthAll
Rise and Shine (IFFS)4625 Denfield St.Durham, NC, 27704Every other Fri.11:00am-1:00pm919-471-9766zip codes 27704 & 27712 only, Photo IDAll
Rougemont Food Pantry - Rougemont UMC105 Red Mountain Rd.Durham, NC, 275722nd & 4th Sat.9:00-10:00am336 364 1578Call to confirmAll
Russell Memorial CME Church703 S. Alston Ave.Durham, NC, 27701Wed.9:00am-12:00pm919-682-2523photo IDAll
Salvation Army909 Liberty St.Durham, NC, 27702Mon., Wed., Fri.9:00am-12:00pm919-688-7306 ext. 100Photo Id; must call at 8am for appt. the next dayAll
Seed Time and Harvest Fellowship804 Berwyn Ave.Durham, NC, 27704Thurs.11:30 AM919-220-2896Call for appt, 1x per month
Southside Church of Christ800 Elmira Ave.Durham, NC, 27707Wed.11:00am-1:00pm919-688-3535Call, Photo ID, 1x per monthAll
St. James Baptist1305 W. Club Blvd.Durham, NC, 277052nd Tues/4t Sat.9:00-1:00pm919-286-3680call to confirm
St. Joseph AME Church2521 Fayetteville St.Durham, NC, 27707Wed.2:00-3:00pm919-683-1379Call first to confirmAll
The Lord House Prophetic2216 Page Rd., Suite 103Durham, NC, 275602nd & 4th Sat.8:00-10:30am919-688-2000Call first to confirmAll
Two Fishes Five Loaves (Mt. Level Community Haven)316 Hebron Rd.Durham, NC, 277042nd Tue. & 4th Thurs; Nov-Dec: 1st & 3rd Thurs.4:00-7:00 pm919-682-6466Photo ID, 1x per monthAll
United for Christ124 Latta Rd.Durham, NC, 27712Tue. & Thurs.6:00-7:00pm919-251-9947Photo IDAll
United Nations Worship Center2100 Chapel Hill Rd.Durham, NC, 27707Sat.11:00am-12:00pm919-943-5255Call first to confirmAll
Urban Ministries410 Liberty St.Durham, NC, 27701Mon.-Thurs.9:00-11:00am919-682-0538, ext. 170Arrive early, Photo ID, limited to first 26 clients62+; have children (birth certificate or medicaid card); on disability (letter of proof of disability)
Victorious Life Empowerment Center3329 Chapel Hill Blvd., Suite 100Durham, NC, 277071st & 2nd Tue.12:00-3:00pm919-886-8015Call, limit-1x per monthAll
Victorious Praise Fellowship Church2116 Page Rd.Durham, NC, 27703Sat.10:30-11:30am919-957-75001x per month All
Walltown Neighborhood MinistriesAsbury Methodist Church
806 Clarendon St
Durham, NC, 27705Last Thurs/mo,11a - 1p919-286-0332call ahead, Bring photo ID & proof of addressAll
West Durham Baptist Church1901 Athens St.Durham, NC, 277073rd Sat.8:30am-11:00am919-688-5479Call first to confirmAll
WIC (women, infants and children) Lincoln Health Center1301 Fayetteville St.Durham, NC, 27707Mon.-Fri.8:00am-5:00pm919-956-4000Call first to confirmMothers, children
Word Empowerment Church2403 Lednum St.Durham, NC, 277052nd Fri, 12:00 - 4:00pm919-698-3360Call first to confirmAll