Our approach: Listen, Link, Collaborate, Advocate

To help with the gaps in information and coordination, we emphasize listening and linking.

End Hunger Durham listens to the front line workers and the people affected by food insecurity to build linkages that can support problem solving and improve lives.

We collaborate with all parties working to find solutions.

To address the immediate and long range threats to food security we advocate at the national, state, and local levels for policies that address solutions to hunger.

End Hunger Durham includes people at all levels of the food security chain within its structure and planning. We seek models that respect the preferences and obstacles faced by food insecure families and we encourage approaches that help them exercise their own abilities and knowledge.

In summary:

We listen to those working to end hunger and those facing hunger;

We link resources to the needs and promote innovations;

We collaborate with those living with inadequate food and those seeking solutions, and

We advocate for policies that address hunger and poverty.